I am Alex Negroe creator of BRANDALISMU; I started my career in Digital Marketing starting with web development (UI/UX), at the same time implementing Organic Web Positioning (SEO) and generating Paid Advertising Campaigns (SEM) within the Google and Facebook platforms. Today I work as a Project Manager in… Amazon Ads Web Design S.E.O Facebook Ads Google Ads Shopify


Within our skills in managing software for graphic design and video editing, are the following:

  • - Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Litghroom, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier).
  • - Affinity Apps (Designer, Publisher, Photo).
  • - Final Cut Pro X, Compressor.

Management of digital marketing platforms, are the following:

  • - Google Marketing Platform (Analytics, Tag Manager, Surveys, Data Studio), Ads & Google Search Console.
  • - Microsoft Webmaster Tools & Clarity.
  • - CRM´s (Simla, Monday, HubSpot, Salesforce)
  • - Amazon Ads.

Email Marketing, Web Design, Shopify...

Email Marketing

Mailing is a way of communicating digitally with customers through the mass sending of emails to a contact base.

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Web Design

Design of web pages in HTML and WordPress to bring your company closer to the audience on Google... Corporate sites or e-commerce.

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Social Media

Allow the management of your Social Networks to an expert and you will obtain a significant increase in followers, comments and sales.

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You'll love how your Shopify website will look like with an integrated cart designed for mobile commerce.

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What do customers think?

Dr. Ana Franco
Gynecologist Oncologist

My greatest admiration, very professional and highly trained in his field, he has offered me the opportunity to manage my own business and learn details of systems of which we have no knowledge whatsoever... Very grateful for his great support! Highly recommended!

Paulina Cruz
Wedding Planner

Alex is very professional in what he does, taking into account the costs of his services, which compared to other competitors are not more accessible. If you are looking for advice on Digital Marketing, Graphic Design or Web Design... He is the best option in the region.

Dr. Jheymmy Ortiz

Excellent professionalism. I safely recommend his work, on issues of total importance to boost your business. There is advice on issues that we doctors are unaware of that allows us to project ourselves. To the above, he added the human quality and camaraderie that Alex possesses.

Dr. Omar Ortega
Surgical Oncologist

He is excellent in his area, has experience and also theoretical knowledge and is always up-to-date. He handles marketing in a very comprehensive way (photography, design, editing, positioning, etc.) and with very good results.

Dr. Mariana Revueltas
Pediatric Oncologist

The best in his field, he listens to you, understands my ideas and projects them. I have had excellent results thanks to their work. Very professional and punctual with his work. I highly recommend.

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