E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing

Today, we all have a contact email that allows us to communicate directly with companies, clients, colleagues, friends or family.

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing actions, since you can obtain a high return at a low cost with the right Digital Marketing Specialist.

  • Sales

    With a good Email Marketing strategy you can get to sell.

  • Promotions

    Send your offers or promotions to the users of your online store.

Boost your brand

Reach your sales goals and increase your brand positioning.

Mailing campaigns help achieve sales objectives and brand positioning. When you have quality e-mail marketing tools and a good database, it becomes a powerful tool with which to keep your customers informed about news, offers, promotions...

The objectives of e-mail marketing are obtained mainly with personalized mailing campaigns, which allow segmenting by tastes, hobbies, age, area, postal code, even previous purchases.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most powerful digital marketing actions today.

Personalized email strategy

We develop an Email Marketing strategy for you, planning and designing each action to get the full return on your investment, and that you can exploit the full potential of your hot leads or recurring buyers.

If you do not have a database, we can create one through online advertising, creating ads to build that quality database.


Mailing campaigns


We define the objectives and strategies of e-mail marketing campaigns.


We create optimized templates increasing the delivery rate by building customer loyalty.


We will analyze your audience to see the most effective day and time for delivery.


We make reports that reflect the key points of each email marketing campaign.

Advantages of email marketing

When you decide to carry out an advertising campaign and you have a database (customers and prospects), without a doubt, carrying out emailing campaigns is a very good option.

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increase your sales

Thanks to e-mail marketing you can get an increase in sales or conversions. With the attractive and direct design of templates that will be distributed to the inboxes of your clients, and this will translate into an increase in web traffic for your site. Get a greater impact and increase your sales.

Customizable email campaigns

With email marketing campaigns, you have the possibility of personalizing mass mailings, making them more effective, which is why we always recommend having an updated database with as many criteria as possible. It is essential to know which ones can be used depending on the campaign you want to carry out, since segmentation is one of the greatest benefits of email marketing. You can get increased open rate and conversion rate (if done effectively).


Email marketing is a very powerful tool that allows you to increase customer loyalty with innovative, informative and promotional actions. This Online Marketing strategy allows you to be in direct contact with your customers by informing them of new actions, products or services that you are going to launch, as well as promotions or offers, or even thank them for their loyalty with a gift.


Another of the great advantages of e-mail campaigns is the speed with which you can measure the results, since you can see the effectiveness of your campaign in real time, and not only because of the opening rate, but also with a complete analysis. , since a single metric by itself does not indicate anything.

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