The website was updated and optimized, in order to position the presence of Dr. Jheymmy Ortiz in Google and within the Social Networks, including Facebook and Instagram; The marketing platforms that were enabled were the following platforms:

  • - Google Search Console.
  • - Google Ads.
  • - Google Analytics.
  • - Google Maps.

The website was developed in Wordpress, with the following characteristics required by Google: Speed (fast loading), responsive design for mobiles (cell phones), light photos/images and indexing in Google Search Console; The Facebook Pixel was also activated and adhered, so that the visits received on the website are detected by Facebook and these users were taken into account when carrying out the campaigns generated on the social network.

The structure of SEO was also adhered to, which, being a Wordpress platform, was implemented through the "Yoast" plugin, in order to keep the website within the results of Google search.



Social Media

Allow a professional to manage your Social Networks as your Community Manager and thus generate the best content that will help you increase traffic, interactions and the positioning of your brand with your followers.

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Web Design

Design of web pages in HTML and WordPress to bring your company closer to the target audience in Google. We adapt the needs of your business to a responsive website, whether it is a corporate page or e-commerce.

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Google Ads

More than half of online sales in Mexico come from search results carried out on Google. We will help you to carry out optimized campaigns. Google Ads allows you to show your business on the web.

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Facebook Ads

We analyze and propose the advertising investment strategy for your business in the different Facebook Ads formats. Choose where you want to share your ads… Facebook, Instagram, Messenger.

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We plan the SEO strategy to improve the organic positioning of your company. It is a great investment if you want to reach the top of the search results in Google and the other search engines.

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Official Website

The availability of the website depends solely and exclusively on the brand, owner or administrators who currently operate the website.

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