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Today anyone can make a post, publish, respond... But how do you really have to do it? When? Where do you have to be? Not everyone is trained to work and carry out a correct management of Social Networks locally or at a national level.

Let an expert take over social media management to provide consistent marketing and messaging across platforms.

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    I offer you a social media marketing strategy focused on your brand.

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    Reach new customers and explore online marketing.

How do we manage social networks?

Our methodology consists of creating a 360º social media marketing strategy focused on your brand. We are a group of specialists in Graphic Design, Content Marketing and Social Media and therefore we can offer you results according to the objectives of your business.

Do not trust the social networks of your business to someone who does not have knowledge, since they do not know everything that an expert Community Manager knows.

Not everything you see on social networks is appropriate, neither the form nor the method, did you know?

Tell us what you want to achieve for your business and we'll create a personalized marketing plan with tips, guidance and resources for each step of the advertising plan.

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Community Manager Services

Market research

Your brand is unique, so we will spend some time researching it and getting to know it, as well as your competition, to establish your goals.


We will design your style guide on Social Networks, so that your content can be quickly related to your brand, creating your own design and style.

Digital Campaigns

Tired of only your friends and family knowing you? Social media advertising is essential to make your unique content visible across borders.


Do you have any questions about the Social Network Management service? These are the questions that most frequently ask us, however if you have any concerns, message us on WhatsApp and we will gladly answer your questions.

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How to manage Social Networks?

We work as an online Community Manager, with an emphasis on caring for the image when communicating the message through a photo or video, sending the correct messages, but the most important thing is interacting with the client in a personalized way, it is also It is important to publish at the optimal time according to the brand and the line of business, using the language according to the product or service.

Do you do marketing with influencers?

Yes, we do; In case your brand requires it to improve the image of your brand. Part of the service of being a Community Manager is also to offer the best options for a quick positioning for your social networks, so you would always be receiving proposals and/or Social Branding actions or collaborations to increase sales on social networks.

Can you sell through Social Networks?

Of course, part of the marketing objective of being on Social Networks is to create and optimize both organic positioning and advertising campaigns with the aim of achieving the highest return on investment, segmenting and reaching your target audience in the most efficient way possible. efficient.

How do you measure the KPI's of Social Media?

Before starting a project, we first carry out an investigation of the market and the brand itself and with the results obtained, we would advise you on the KPI's of the project, in order to optimize all the online advertising actions to be carried out and maximizing the return on investment.

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